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How We Do It

“I am extremely impressed with NaviAsia’s thorough research, depth of analysis and strategic recommendations that can be implemented.”

Head of Business Development
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You can’t be good at everything. And somehow you have to be. The solution for successful, world-class organizations has been to think outside the box and expand the four walls of the organization to maximize the advantages of a global workforce by reducing costs and improving quality.

NaviAsia Managed Services simplifies and accelerates the successful outsourcing of non-strategic, yet mission-critical services for middle market companies. With U.S.-based senior leadership coupled with proven offshore delivery capabilities, we help middle market clients generate or maintain their competitive advantages by leveraging a global marketplace to deliver lower costs, improve quality, and mitigate risk.

For companies with hundreds of employees performing repetitive, rules-based work that can be or is already web-enabled, savings of 40%-60% is possible while delivering services utilizing ISO and Six Sigma regimens to maintain and improve quality. Typical business processes can include claims processing, transcription, clearing, contract administration, database management, data capture, research or other non-strategic rules-based activities. A recent business case demonstrated that we could contribute almost $10 million in annual savings for a client considering outsourcing approximately 350 people. More typically, our experience has shown that annual savings in the range of $5 million can be realized for every 100 US employees included in the outsourcing scope.


World-class leadership: NaviAsia’s leadership team includes executives who were responsible for developing and operating, according to independent analysts, the world’s leading business process outsourcing organization. Members of our executive team have served key leadership roles in respected, world-class organizations that include PricewaterhouseCoopers, IBM Global Services, AT Kearney and other leading companies.

Tactical superiority: Our total focus is on the efficient delivery of quality outsourcing services. To lead in this arena, we have learned the importance of tactical excellence in replicating and migrating work outside of our client’s four walls. In addition to rules-authoring, quality improvement and other transaction management expertise, NaviAsia Managed Services has the specific know-how to reduce risks when migrating your processes, access your technology securely, manage and analyze the content that we help create and transfer knowledge to our clients as if the work were being done next door.

Proven transition expertise: Proper planning and execution of comprehensive transition programs so that services are uninterrupted, expectations are communicated and stakeholders remain happy. NaviAsia transitions and delivers outsourced services to third-party clients using web-enabled technologies and global labor markets to improve the quality services, enhance customer satisfaction and reduce costs.

Right Size: Middle market companies run the risk of being lost in the organizational labyrinths that exist within larger outsourcing organizations. NaviAsia’s focus is on the middle market and provides customized solutions for labor-intensive, repetitive processes within medium sized companies.

Aggressive approach: With our comprehensive training and professional development programs, an integrated global technology platform, significant invested capital, world class processes, skilled global staff and proven leadership team, NaviAsia effectively applies a rigorous approach to all program implementation and integration procedures for breakthrough performance, efficiency and a lowering of total overall costs.

Strength of culture: Our company is grounded in a quality-driven culture that encourages each individual to achieve excellence and quality in all aspects of their work life. We are highly regarded in India for our human resources practices that enable us to recruit and retain exceptional people at all levels of the company.

How We Do It




Global Labor Markets

Global Process Re-engineering

Digitization and Web-enablement

  • Locations (New Delhi and Mumbai, India) with large, highly qualified/ educated labor pool, including superior American culture and language skills
  • Engineering and re-engineering work processes to eliminate unnecessary work, reduce cycle time and increase consistency of results
  • Digitization of all information and media to facilitate Internet-based communications and access to global labor force

Cross Cultural Leadership

Total Quality Management

Infrastructure Stability

  • US-based leadership for relationship / account management, day-to-day communication, and rapid response to issue escalation and resolution
  • India-based (US citizens) leadership for day-to-day operations management, service delivery and rapid response to issue escalation and resolution
  • ISO 9001certification to increase rigor, certainty and stability of work processes
  • Six Sigma methodologies to continuously improve quality of work processes while reducing operating costs and increasing customer and employee satisfaction
  • Redundant and independent communication paths and standby power to ensure continuity of operations
  • Automated continuous data replication with VMS servers to ensure continuity of operations



  • ISO and Six Sigma methodologies ensure the continuous improvement of business processes

Your business will be more reliable and will get better over time


  • Business process costs 60%+ less than U.S.-based operations lower operating costs

Your operating income will increase

  • Transaction-based pricing turn fixed- into variable- costs

Your costs will scale with your business


  • Rapid response processing provides results now

Transactions processing operations work 24 X 7 X 365

  • Your customers, employees and suppliers will get results faster

Your business works around the clock


  • U.S.-owned and operated company makes capturing the benefits of offshore transaction processing faster, easier and more accountable

Your risks are managed and limited

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