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How We Do It

“NaviAsia showed great energy, professionalism and expertise in capturing opportunities in strategic sourcing from China. It has transformed how we do business.”

Consumer Goods Company

What We Do

Advisory Services


Value Proposition

As a leading-edge consulting firm, NaviAsia offers high-impact/results-driven consulting services to our clients. We offer our clients a distinctive value proposition that is unique to clients seeking strategic operational advisory services and cross-Pacific opportunities.

Strategy & Implementation

At NaviAsia, we help our clients formulate and implement strategies.

We understand that the best business strategies should be not only forward-looking and creative, but also implementable and grounded in the realities of the marketplace. Our unique value proposition enables NaviAsia to assist our clients in building strategic insights through both fact-based development and empirical knowledge.

At NaviAsia, we assist our clients in implementing the business strategies we propose. Our outstanding strategic and operational insights, industry experience, country-specific knowledge and network enable us to deliver superior value to our clients in a timely fashion.

We are committed to build a long-term partnership with our clients!

Upgrading & Implementation

NaviAsia provides not only high-impact consulting services in strategy formulation and implementation, but also the appropriate training programs and joint project involvement for our clients.

We help our clients build a “people advantage” which is essential to developing a sustainable competitive advantage over the competition.

Through our unique training programs and joint engagement team, we pass the latest concepts in strategy, supply chain, and global expansion on to our clients, and we upgrade our clients’ business skills and capabilities, which enable them to better compete in today’s competitive environment.

At NaviAsia, we are committed to helping our clients build superior organizations!

How We Do It

How We Deliver

Our clients understand that selecting the right consulting firm is not easy. At NaviAsia, our consulting engagements provide a foundation for organizational change and continuous improvement. Over the course of the engagement, we develop a decision-making fact base and close working relationship with our clients. This approach helps in developing practical executable recommendations. Many clients, as a result of our engagement, are able to:
  • Determine and prioritize where and how to obtain the most value
  • Stay current on leading-edge concepts and techniques
  • Have rapid access to information and high-quality teams
  • Work with talented consulting teams that are current on industry and company concepts

Client Service Model

NaviAsia’s relationship consulting model is based on the following principles:

Client Relationship – We want to develop a long-term relationship with our clients and will provide only value-added services. We constantly evaluate ourselves and seek feedback to determine whether we are deriving value for our clients.
Senior Advisory Team – On our engagements, a senior advisory team provides oversight and feedback to the project team. Additionally, this structure provides the project team with direct access to key decision makers within the company.
Joint Team – Engagements contain cross-functional teams from line and staff departments in order to develop realistic solutions, accelerate implementation, and become agents of change for the organization.
Knowledge and Skill Transfer – We measure our success by how well our client and the organization has adopted the engagement results and the means in obtaining those results. This usually occurs through the project teams, but NaviAsia will also provide training as needed.
Results-Driven Consultants – Our consultants spend time working directly with clients in solving business issues. Consultants utilize fact based analysis and organizational sensitivity to drive operational and financial results.

Team Staffing Model

At NaviAsia, we like to work with our clients in a joint team approach.
By utilizing this approach we are able to:

  • Develop creative and practical recommendations
  • Ensure successful implementation
  • Upgrade organizational capabilities and shorten the learning process
  • Send the right message to the organization in an effective way


Typical Results & Benefits

Results and benefits vary by engagements and clients, but typical results and benefits that NaviAsia provides to our clients are the following:

Profit Enhancements

Revenue improvements through creative and rigorous analysis and the application of customer and marketplace levers.
Cost reductions by evaluation of the supply chain and support functions using the latest concepts and project initiatives driving toward improved cost performance.

Additional Benefits

Upgrading of skills and competencies through joint project teams and training seminars.
Employee sense of ownership or “esprit de corps” by becoming involved in teams that will help define the company's future.
Organizational sensitivity and understanding of change agents through the team in obtaining support of new ideas and implementation of recommended concepts.

For more in-depth understanding of the benefits that we can provide for you, we encourage you to contact us to learn more about the project specifics and deliverables.


Cheshire Ltd. (www.cheshireltd.com) - In association with RSM McGladrey, Inc., RSM International and NaviAsia Consulting Group Inc., Cheshire Ltd. offers a unique and seamless set of services to middle-market manufacturers.

Rock Gate Partners (www.rockgatepartners.com) - Through its strategic alliance with NaviAsia seeks to acquire and grow small- to mid- capitalization manufacturers of commercial, consumer and industrial products. Targeted companies typically have a need to explore lower cost sourcing alternatives and invest in the revitalization of their operations, but lack the capital and internal resources to effectively execute a revitalization strategy. For more information contact Stephen Foutch at 847-368-1934 or sfoutch@rockgatepartners.com

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