Vice President John Tomasweski receives distinguished Kellogg Alumni Service Award

Alumni Awards honor service, talent and dedication

By Matt Golosinski

Twelve names. On a piece of paper, the words might get lost, but the stature and importance of those names in the life of the Kellogg School was not lost during a dinner this spring to celebrate the service of a dozen esteemed Kellogg alumni and friends.

On May 18, the annual Kellogg Alumni Awards convened a special group of people, inviting them to the James L. Allen Center for a ceremony to recognize their contributions to Kellogg.

In some cases, such as that of former Associate Dean for Academic Affairs Ralph L. Westfall '40, the individuals honored proved instrumental in helping create the modern Kellogg School. Others, such as Alex H. Dunser '04, have played a part in advancing the school today, lending their talents to initiatives designed to take Kellogg forward. Mr. Westfall's tenure at the school extended from 1946 until 1975, during which time he helped establish its research focus. Mr. Dunser, founder and managing partner of Wolf Companies LLC, a firm engaged in company startups and strategic and legal counsel, provided assistance in locating, securing, leasing and building a facility for the Kellogg-Miami EMBA Program.

For their efforts, each received the Kellogg School's thanks and recognition: Westfall garnered a Schaffner Award, while Dunser earned an Alumni Service Award.

Other Schaffner recipients this year were: G. Chris Andersen '62, founding partner of the New York City-based merchant banking and advisory firm that bears his name; Douglas M. Cook '98, owner and president of Chicago-based Feldco, a prominent window, siding and door company; and Michael L. Ducker '99, executive vice president for international and express freight services at Federal Express Corp.

The Schaffner Award, named for Joseph Schaffner, co-founder of the men's clothing store Hart, Shaffner & Marx, honors Kellogg graduates who are preeminent in their fields and who have provided outstanding service to Kellogg.

Additional alumni standouts included those distinguished by the Kellogg Alumni Service Award. Joining Dunser for this honor were: Homero A. Gonzalez '00, manager of strategic business development for Monterrey, Mexico-based cement firm CEMEX; Dr. Cédric Loiret-Bernal '92, president and CEO of NanoInk, an emerging growth technology company in nanometer-scale manufacturing; and John S. Tomaszewski '98, vice president of NaviAsia Consulting Group, a company he founded and that provides strategic sourcing and supply chain management.

Those not formally affiliated with Kellogg have also been critical to its success, which is why the school honored another distinguished quartet with its Friends of Kellogg School of Management award. Sandra R. Guthman, Kenneth M. "Pete" Henderson, David R. Nissen and James J. O'Connor each earned this distinction by their service. Ms. Guthman is president of the board of directors of the Polk Bros. Foundation and a civic leader. Mr. Henderson was associate dean for administration at the Kellogg School from 1971 to 1981 and, before that, spent a decade at Booz, Allen & Hamilton. Mr. Nissen is president and CEO of GE Consumer Finance, which he co-founded in 1993. Mr. O'Connor retired in 1998 as chairman and CEO of Unicom Corp. and its subsidiary, Commonwealth Edison Co.

To learn more about the accomplishments and contributions of the 2006 Kellogg Alumni Award winners, and about the awards themselves, visit the Alumni Web site.



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