NaviAsia featured by RSM McGladrey

China offers manufacturing acquisition opportunities for midsized businesses


NaviAsia VP, John Tomaszewski, was featured in RSM McGladrey’s online resources. He stressed that the opportunity in China is real and, in fact, may be greater than many U.S. companies realize, but so too are the challenges.


U.S. companies are typically reactive, looking at acquisition as opportunities arise. In China, you have to be more proactive in order to identify good acquisition opportunities.”


Tomaszewski also warned “with all of the interest in China these days, it seems like anyone who speaks the language or went to school in China or has a relative living there considers himself an expert. Steer clear of one-man ships and newly proclaimed experts. You want to work with firms that have a real and substantial presence on the ground in China.”


To read more on the obstacles and common pitfalls facing U.S. companies searching for acquisition opportunities, go to http://www.rsmmcgladrey.com/RSM-Resources/Articles/Advantage/Strategy/China-offers-manufacturing-acquisition-opportunities-for-midsize/

NaviAsia VP Bill Liu to lecture at Shenyang Jianzhu University
Marketing Management
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NaviAsia VP Bill Liu to lecture at Kellogg School of Management, Northwestern University
“Created in China - The Global Rise of China’s Creative Industries."  
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